Completed sd-1 minisports USA

John Vining’s completed sd-1 TGC with Hirth f23 engine.

John Vining, US Canada Sales Manager is proud to announce the completion and airworthiness certification of his sd-1 minisport. He completed his plane in July 2017.  It took 3 years and 800 hours of construction time.

His airframe  was built using plans and spars from sdplanes in the  Czech Republic, and wood from Aircraft Spruce. His metal parts were purchased from the warehouse of the out of business Skycraft Airplane company. Primarily John used two epoxy types during construction, T88 epoxy for structural joints and West System epoxy for lamination and fiberglass.  The Hirth f23 two cylinder boxer is used as power plant.

John chose this design over 4 years ago based on the construction method used. He has a wide experience in boat construction using wood, epoxy and fiberglass. It was natural for him to be attracted to this design.

Flight testing will commence within a few weeks as John is waiting for the sdplanesusa hanger at Knox County Regional Airport to become available. So keep watching for new posts as flight testing commences.