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sd-planes-kit-planeThe sd-1 minisport is available as plans, in a variety of kits, or as a finished product, based upon how involved in the process you would like to be. Available sd-1 minisport kits include:


The Basic sd-1 minisport Kit

This kit is necessary for construction. It contains the main wing, elevator and fin spars, and pultruded carbon strips for fuselage reinforcements. The hinges are mounted onto elevator spar and the fin spar is fitted with bushes and the connection pin.  All spars have caps made of carbon fiber and are manufactured from certified materials. The use of weight-reduction technology ensures that the single main wing spar does not weigh more than 4 lbs (2 kg).

Construction time using basic kit and plans: 800-1200 hrs

  • The Starter Kit – rudder

            This kit is suitable for builders without any former experience with wood-foam construction. The kit contains all construction material including hardware, pre-cut ribs, drawings in 1:1 scale, construction manual, glue and varnish.

  • The Airframe Material Kit

The “Material kit” consists of wood and plywood raw material. This kit also contains pre-cut XPS ribs, complete undercarriage, controls, hardware, all composite pre-molded parts, and the cabin hood shield, all ready to use. Also included are the plans and the construction manual. The kit does not include: seat belts, upholstery, instruments, or paint. Construction time: 600-900 hours

  • Fuselage Sidewall

            This option offers significant time savings for scratch builders. It is made to precise company specs and is available as part of the basic or the material kit.

  • Airframe 51% kit

The kit is suitable for builders in countries with strict amateur building regulations, like the USA. The wings are finished with the upper skin attached so that the inside of wing can be checked by authorities before closing. The fuselage is prepared to the QB stage without the glued on the tank or fin. The construction of the tails and flaperons is left to builder. The undercarriage, controls, hardware and all composite pre-molded parts are included. Options like the rescue system parts are available. This kit does not include: seat belts, upholstery, instruments, or paint. Construction time: 400-700 hours

  • Airframe quick build kit

The kit contains the fuselage including fin, wings, flaperons, elevator and rudder. All wood is varnished. Also included are parts of the complete undercarriage, controls, hardware, plans and construction manual. This kit does not include: seat belts, upholstery, instruments, or paint. Construction time: 100-300 hours

sd-1 minisport Reduced Materials Kit

As a cost saving measure for our customers, we also offer the new, sd-1 minisport Reduced Materials Kit.  This kit limits the size and weight of the shipment by eliminating the need to import materials like woods, epoxies, and composite fabrics, that can easily be purchased in the US and Canada. This kit is available in the TD, TG, and TGC versions.


sd-1 minisport Parts

In addition to full kits, parts for specific areas are available as sets. These Include:

1. Undercarriage – This set contains the complete main undercarriage legs including hinges, complete wheels with drum brakes, and a complete tail or nose wheel.

2. Composite Parts – This set contains all composite parts, except for those that are part of the Basic Kit. It includes the front upper portion of the fuselage from firewall to cockpit, including the fuel tank, the wing and horizontal tail tips, the cabin hood, the seat, covers for the gear legs and wheels, and the fuselage-wings fillets.

3. Metal Parts and Hardware  The set contains all metal parts and hardware used on the airframe except those for the undercarriage.

4. Ribs and Bulkheads – The set contains ready to use CNC-cut ribs for wings, flaperons, and tails and fuselage bulkheads.

Single parts are also available.

If you prefer plans, we offer the following:

  • sd-1 minisport full version plans, TD, TG, TGC

The drawings in English, drafted in CAD, are printed on 31 A1 sheets (23”x33”/ 594×841 mm) and 15 smaller sheets. All complex curve parts are printed in full scale to simplify template making. The construction manual and material list is included.

Please note, however, the main wing, elevator and fin spars are not included in drawings. These parts are made of vacuum bagging technology and are delivered in basic kit.

  • sd-1 minisport less pre-molded composite parts plans

This version is for builders who use pre-molded composite parts in the construction. It does not contain drawings and templates for the fuel tank, cabin hood or wing tips. The rest of the drawings are the same as the full version. These plans are included without charge in all full airframe kits.

  • Full scale fuselage sidewall

This CAD precision 23”x126” (610×3200 mm) size drawing saves time that would otherwise be spent redrawing the fuselage side from plans. Simply put it on the workbench, place plastic foil over it, and you’re ready to go!

Whichever package you choose, sdplanesUSA is able to process your selection from the original purchase order to the receipt of funds, international transfer payments, and shipping arrangements.

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