sd-1 minisport

sd-1 minisport



sd-plane-7sdplanes USA currently offers the sd-1 minisport single seat airplane kit. Available in the TD, TG, and TGC versions, this model has a maneuvering speed of 98 mph (156 km/h) with a maximum speed (vne) of 131 mph (210 km/h). The aircraft is 14.27 ft (4,35 m) in length, with a height of 4 ft (1,23m), a wingspan of 19.68 ft (6,0m), and a tank capacity of 9 gal (34 l). Maximum pilot weight is 233 lbs (105 kg).

sd-1 minisport Airplanes – Construction

The fuselage is comprised of sitka spruce trusses reinforced with carbon fiber and carbon rods, covered with thin plywood. The inside width of the cockpit is 21.3” (54 cm) in the standard version, with expansion of the pilot compartment possible with the XL version. The back of the pilot seat is inclined slightly for comfort and is removable to allow access to the baggage compartment located behind the seat. The cabin hood is made of composite with a polycarbonate windshield.

Wing assembly consists of a composite main spar with carbon caps to which the ribs of extruded polystyrene are glued.  This skeleton is covered with thin plywood and wing tips of extruded polystyrene with fiberglass lay-up are attached. The wings are connected to the fuselage by two main and two auxiliary pins. The flaperons are connected to the controls by a control pin.

The construction of the horizontal tail is similar to that of the wings. The tail is completely moveable, has an anti-servo tab, and is statically balanced. Spring trimming is under the pilot seat. The fin has a main composite spar with carbon caps and a tail hinge. Tail attachment consists of control and tab rods, and a pin. The horizontal tail and flaperons are controlled by pushrods and bellcranks. The flaperon mixer is under the pilot seat. The rudder is controlled by 2mm cables.

sd-1 minisport Airplanes – The Engine

Any engine from 24 to 50 HP can be used in the sd-1 minisport. Maximum engine weight is 93 lbs (42 kg). The integral fuel tank is made of fiberglass and PVC foam and is located behind the firewall.  The electrical system is battery-operated and will accept a 12 V outlet for accessories like GPS. The instrument panel includes an airspeed indicator, altimeter, compass, vario, and slip indicator. There is also space for a COM transceiver and TPD with a diameter of 57mm. The Com antenna is built into the airframe.

sd-1 minisport Airplanes – Rescue System

The sd-1 will accommodate the GRS 4/240 and the Magnum 300 rescue systems or any other system of choice in a similar weight range. The rescue system is attached to the fuselage bulkhead behind the pilot’s back. The front ropes are attached to the upper engine mount hinges. The auxiliary rope is attached to the fuselage behind the cabin. If a light engine (like a Briggs and Stratton or the Hirth F-33) is used, the rescue system is mounted on the firewall. The airplane can also be built without the rescue

We plan to present the sd-1 minisport single seat sport plane at air shows and fly-ins during the summer of 2016 and hope to introduce the sd-2 Sportmaster two seat airplane later that same year.



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