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John Vining, Sales Manager


Our owner and sales manager is John Vining of Mount Vernon, Ohio. John has been involved in aviation for many years. He is a licensed pilot, a certified ultra-light pilot. Also an experimental aircraft builder, John has built his own sd-1 minisport. In addition to his personal experience, John is an active member of several flight-related organizations. He is a long-time member of the Experimental Aircraft Association, an organization that works to further interest in and knowledge of general aviation, home-built aircraft, and ultra-light vehicles. He enjoys volunteering for the organization. He is also an active member of the United States Powered Paragliding Association

Igor Spacek,  Designer/Manufacturer


Igor Spacek is the genius behind the sd-1 minisport. His designs utilize traditional construction methods and the latest in carbon composite construction. He worked for other manufacturers as a freelance engineer before funding the SPACEK s.r.o. (Ltd.) company in 2007. The impulse was an interest of other applicants into SD-1 Minisport homebuilt airplane, which development had begun at the late 90´s. The first flight of the prototype took place in 2005. The company survived difficult crisis years while developed another two undercarriage versions, five engine installations and finished german LTF-UL certification. It is obvious that the aviation community is interested in economic, affordable and efficient small airplanes. So we continue our work on the other projects to satisfy this need

Sarah Auchard – Marketing Specialist

sarah-picOur marketing specialist, Sarah Auchard, incorporates a wealth of knowledge and experience into her innovative approach to business promotion. Sarah completed her undergraduate studies at Ashland University, Ashland OH, graduating with a BSBA in Business Management. Following a year of practical experience, Sarah returned to academia earning her MBA at Miami University,Oxford OH. For more than 15 years, Sarah has utilized her dynamic work ethic and unique perspective on business practices, like branding and marketing, copywriting, social media marketing(SSM) and search engine optimization (SEO) to help both large and small businesses present a positive public image.

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